Research Interests

I love research and find myself moving between disciplines because the new frontiers tend to integrate ideas of every variety. I did my undergrad degrees in Economics and International Relations, with a focus on trade. My graduate work was done in GIS and Remote Sensing, focusing on Mexico & Agriculture.

Economics – What are the risks and opportunities associated with debt and deficits? How effective are markets at assessing risk?  What does the next generation of trade agreement look like? How does this shape domestic politics? How do we guarantee the widest possible prosperity with the easiest transition to a next generation economy?

Energy – What drives the ideal 2020 power grid? What new energy sources can we integrate? What new industries will be possible if we have limitless, cheap energy? What sort of industrial development will be needed to drive this transition? What sort of bottlenecks can we expect to face?

Politics – What drives political behavior? How can we improve the effectiveness of our campaigns? What lessons can we apply from neuroscience and psychology when shaping messaging, outreach, engagement?

Remote Sensing – This discipline offers the most potential, and seems to be the least well known. RS is revolutionizing agriculture, energy, security, insurance, among others.  10 years from now, it will be guiding mining companies to trillion dollar resources on near-by asteroids.  A fun field to watch.