About the Author

Thanks for dropping by. As you can tell, this site is still a work in progress.  I thought it would be best to start the new year with the clean slate, and a full update to much of the content. I started writing when I began grad school, commenting on the Alison Redford PC leadership race, and the fascinating new applications for Remote Sensing and GIS.

Both fields are barely recognizable from when I began this site 5 years ago. Alberta’s NDP government is embarking on a major restructuring of our public policy, and remote sensing as a discipline has been revolutionized by the rapid proliferation of new imaging platforms and the plummeting costs of cloud computing. I’ve had front row seats for both of these transformations, and I’m honestly excited to see how both evolve in the next few years.

Whether politics or otherwise, there is an old quote that comes to mind. The world has a habit of leaving those behind, who wont go with it. Whether it is individuals, companies, societies or species, those that fail to adapt, fail. I’m fascinating by big challenges, and big opportunities. This blog seems to be evolving from my place to rant about politics, to a spot to talk my way through the fascinating new trends in research and tech.