Mexico’s State Elections – Part 2


Only a 20 month term, Likely PAN (9 point lead over PRI)

  • PAN+ Jose Antonio Gali Fayad – Former secretary of infrastructure, and mayor of the city of puebla. Broader coalition between PAN, PANAL, and PT.
  • PRI+ Blanca Alcala Ruiz – PRI official, Senator, State Secretary in different portfolios. 
  • PRD – Roxana Luna Porquillo – Mexico congressman. 
  • Morena – Abraham Quiroz Palacios – Academic, activist, close ties to Cuahtemoc Cardenas in the 1988 election. 
  • IND – Ana Teresa Aranda – Politician tied closely to the PAN, having run unsuccessfully for the party twice.

Quintana Roo

The final polling, conducted in the middle of May has the PRI leading in the state by 12 points. The PAN had the race within a few points in February, but each additional poll shows the PRI pulling away.

  • PAN/PRD – Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez – PRD congressman. Secretary of tourism for Quintana Roo. Played a major role in establishing Playa Del Carmen as a major tourist site. 
  • PRI+ – Gongora Mauricio Escalante – Secretary of the Treasury in Quintana Roo
  • Morena – Jose Luis Pech Varguez – Former PRI politician, and engineer. 


The poll of polls has the PRI up by 11 over the PAN and CM/PS, but mentions of internal polling have a much closer race, approaching a near tie between the PAN and PRI. 

  • PAN – Martin Heredia Lizarraga – Chemical engineer
  • PRI+ Quirino Ordaz Coppel – Currently a federal deputy for the Green Party of Mexico, originally from Mazatlan. UTAM MPA.
  • PRD – Mariano Aguirre Gomez – former President of COPARMEX
  • PT – Leobardo Alcantara Martinez – PT deputy at the state level
  • CMHector Ojeda Melesio Cuen – State Senator, and founder of the Sinaloa Party
  • Morena –  Estrada Jesus Ferreiro
  • SM – Guadalupe Rocha Ramona Corrales
  • IND – Cuautemoc Francisco Frias Casto


perhaps the closest race of any that will occur on June 5th, the horse race has moved back and forth between the PAN and the PRI. The final polling I’ve found has the PRI leading by 6 points going into the weekend, but most previous numbers show a much closer race. The difference could be the declining number of undecideds, which has held between 15 and 20%, less than a week out from the vote.

  • PAN – Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca 
  • PRI – Baltazar Hinohosa Ochoa – former mayor of Matamoros, and federal congressman. An uphill fight, inheriting a party tainted by his predecessors. 
  • PRD – Jorge Osvaldo Valdez Vargas 
  • PT – Armando Vera Garcia 
  • CM – Gustavo Adolfo Cardenas Gutierrez 
  • Morena – Hector Garza Gonzalez 
  • Ind – Francisco Chavira Martinez 
  • SM – Abdies Pineda Morin 


The poll of polls shows a very slim lead for the PRD, only two points ahead of the PAN, and four points over the PRI. 

  • PAN – Adriana Davila Fernandez
  • PRI+ – Marco Antonio Mena Rodriguez
  • PRD – Lorena Cuellar Cisneros 
  • Morena – Martha Palafox Gutierrez


Another tight race, with a slim 4% lead over the PRI. 

  • PRI+ – Hector Yunes Landa
  • PAN/PRD – Miguel Angela Yunes Linares
  • Morena – Guitlahuac Garcia Jimenez


The PRI hold a 15 lead over the Morena, and 21 point lead over the PAN/PRD. 

  • PRI+ – Alejandro Tello Cristerna 
  • Morena – David Monreal Avila 
  • PAN/PRD – Rafael Flores Mendoza
  • PT – Magdelana del Secorro Nunez Monreal 



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